In FarPoint Spread for Web Forms version 3.0, our ASP.NET spreadsheet component, we have added interactivity features that should greatly enhance your ability to develop effective Web applications. The most notable ones are Outlook-style grouping, load-on-demand capability, and conditional formatting (already available in our FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms component).

With grouping, users can click and drag column headers and add them to the grouping bar, making it easier to organize and understand large data sets. This capability can be added now for your users with a few simple lines of code.

Grouping example

With load-on-demand paging, you can allow the Web page to load on demand -- as the user scrolls further down the spreadsheet the FarPoint Spread component on the client loads another page of rows from the server as needed. This is similar to what was called "virtual mode" in the COM version of the product.

With conditional formatting, you can set the appearance of cells based on their values, allowing your users to better interpret their data.

FarPoint Spread for Web Forms version 3.0 is in beta and is almost ready for release. For more details on the features in version 3, see