FlexSheet for WPF: Work With Multiple Spreadsheets

With all the other great news coming out in our July release, you may have missed this exciting tidbit: FlexSheet for WPF is officially out of beta and a live control. If you've been using FlexSheet already, you know you can easily import spreadsheets, apply formulas, manipulate rows and perform cell styling right within your WPF application. Our recent release expanded our offerings with new properties so you can enhance your users' experience even more.

ContextMenus: Working with Multiple Tabs

The most enhancements, you'll see, have been added to ContextMenus. Every Excel fan loves working with multiple tabs, and ContextMenu allows users to insert, delete, rename, and hide sheets within the FlexSheet tabs. FlexSheet for WPF: Sheet Context Menus Rename, Insert, Delete, Hide and Unhide Worksheets New properties include:

  • ShowSingleTab: Gets or sets a value that determines whether the tab strip is shown when the control has only one sheet.
  • TabItemShape: Gets or sets the geometric shape of the sheet tabs.
  • EditOptions: Gets or sets the edit Options of FlexSheet tabs.
  • FlexSheetEditOptions:
    • None: Not show contextMenu of FlexSheet tabs.
    • Insert: Show contextMenu that insert a new sheet.
    • Delete: Show contextMenu that delete a selected sheet.
    • Rename: Show contextMenu that rename a selected sheet.
    • Hide: Show contextMenu that hide a selected sheet.
    • Unhide: Show contextMenu that unhide all of hidden sheet.
    • AllowDrag: Allow drag the sheet tabs.
    • All: Show all of edit option contextMenus and allow drag sheet tabs.​

Stay tuned for more activity on the FlexSheet front, and don't hesitate to submit your suggestions for new features! NOTE: In ComponentOne Ultimate news, Wijmo FlexSheet is available in a sample called ExcelBook, if you're looking for this great Excel-like behavior in JavaScript and AngularJS.


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