Thanks to everyone who attended! It was a great night--a packed room, and Glenn Block brain dumped a ton of great information about WebAPI and node.js on us. Notes for my lightning talk: One great use of an immersive Metro-style application is a dashboard, and our Wijmo jQuery widgets are a great resource for building those in HTML/JavaScript. The foundation for what I showed was Chris Bannon's blog post from Build, using our Wijmo jQuery UI widgets in a Windows 8 application (see Chris links to a simple tutorial, which is a good reference for using jQuery and jQuery UI in an immersive application, as well as Wijmo. You can download my slides for today's lightning talk at 10 Minutes to Metro. This was a condensed version of a talk I gave at Code Camp NYC in October. A slightly longer set of slides from that talk is available at Windows 8 Metro Apps with HTML and JavaScript. I'll have the sample code for my project updated soon; it's currently bound to some local services, but I'm changing that to a publicly available service. Follow me on Twitter ( for the announcement after I get that done. In my talk, I mentioned that Steve Ballmer let it be known that Windows 8 is the next gen for Windows Phone. You can find that story at This was my first introduction to node.js, which looks very interesting and might be something I put on the "to learn" list (that list is very long now). A couple links regarding Glenn's WebAPI talk: The current Preview 5 release of WebAPI can be found at A Preview 6 is on the way, but the release following WCF WebAPI Preview 6 will be Preview 1 of the MVC/WebAPI merged framework. Howard Dierking has an overview of Preview 5 on his blog at I'm very excited for WebAPI merging into MVC. Writing services like controllers (if that's how it will work) would be great.