Video: Get Started with FlexRadar, a WinForms Radar and Polar Chart

Get started with FlexRadar, a WinForms radar and polar chart control. This one-minute video walks you through all the necessary steps to get a radar/polar chart in your WinForms data visualization dashboard.

  1. First, open Visual Studio and create a new WinForms project.
  2. Look for the FlexRadar control in the Toolbox under the C1 WinForms 4.0 Tab. Both Radar and Polar charts can be created using the FlexRadar control.
  3. Drag and drop the FlexRadar control from the toolbox to the Form’s design surface. This adds a radar chart to the Form along with the required references to your project. The chart initially contains one series, and we can add as many series to the chart as needed.
  4. By default, the chart type for the Radar is 'Line,' and that can be changed to Scatter… LineSymbols… or Area by setting the ChartType property.
  5. Now let’s look at how to plot data on the FlexRadar control.
  6. First, we’ll bind the chart to our data. Just like with other charts in the FlexChart family, FlexRadar’s DataSource can be set to a collection of business objects that come from any .NET data source, service, or external data source like OData.
  7. For this video, we’ll use a collection of Parameters that rate a Product on a scale of 1 to 10. We’ll plot the parameter’s name on the X-Axis and its corresponding value on the Y-Axis.
  8. Now let’s set the chart’s DataSource to the Parameters collection.
  9. Next we’ll set the chart’s BindingX to the property name that contains the X-Axis values, which in this case is the Name of the Parameters.
  10. Now, clear the series collection and create a new Series object to configure the Y-axis values.
  11. Set its Binding to the property name that contains the Y-axis values, which in this case would be Value.
  12. Here, we’ll also set the Name property so the series object can be identified in the chart’s Legend.
  13. Finally, we’ll add the series object to the chart’s Series collection and run the application to view the chart.
  14. To display FlexRadar as a Polar chart, you should be using numeric values for the X-Axis. These numbers specify the angular value in degrees for a data point.
  15. The rest of the FlexRadar configurations are similar to plotting the radar chart.

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