Getting Started with the Xuni Beta

As promised, today we released the Beta version of Xuni, our new cross-platform mobile controls for Xamarin.Forms. Only the Beta registrants and those of you following closely on social media may know what Xuni is all about. I covered in the product roadmap, that the beta and V1 version will solely focus on use with Xamarin.Forms, as well as, plans for future updates. Today we're excited to finally give you something to touch and feel! You can download the Xuni Beta from here: Here are some helpful tips and links for getting started with Xuni: 1. Online documentation - our online documentation includes getting started tutorials for each control, plus it includes information on working with Xamarin.Forms if you're a newbie. 2. Samples - All samples are included with the download. We've also set up a GitHub repo to store samples if you're into that. 3. Xuni FAQs - Ok, they're mostly Fully Anticipated Questions at this point since the beta has just been released. This topic will be updated regularly with new questions. 4. Forums - We ask everyone to post questions and issues to the forums rather than other support channels. The Xuni development team will be in the forums. Also keep in mind that this is a Beta version. Not all of the promised features are fully there in all three versions. In the meantime, we are already busy getting the product polished for the final release on February 18th!

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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