GrapeCity Spread.Services 1.3.0 Officially Released!

Spread.Services is a new GrapeCity spreadsheet server component for .NET Core and developers across all .NET platforms, including:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • macOS

Spread.Services contains a high-fidelity spreadsheet document object model that is based on Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO). This lets you manipulate virtually every aspect of the spreadsheet document. Using Spread.Services, developers can easily implement code to:

  • Process, collate, and consolidate data from large sets of spreadsheet documents.
  • Generate reports, itineraries, financial analyses, or any other type of spreadsheet.
  • Show data in:
    • sorted and filtered tables
    • pivot tables, charts, and sparklines
    • conditional formats, and more
  • Perform advanced calculations using formulas.
  • Use more than 450 built-in Excel-compatible formula functions.
  • Create rich data entry forms using data validation rules and formulas.
  • Hide formulas, sheets, and other objects from the end user.
  • Lock and protect ranges and sheets with password protection.
  • Integrate with your .NET Core application in any compatible platform.
  • Replace OWC.

Spread.Services can also seamlessly integrate with web applications using SpreadJS Spread.Sheets.

  • Import SSJSON created using Spread.Sheets directly into Spread.Services.
  • Execute server-side code to perform bulk or other time-consuming operations.
  • Export SSJSON from Spread.Services to embed in your web site using Spread.Sheets.
  • Make your Spread.Services workbooks come to life using Spread.Sheets for the front-end user interface.
  • Keep your sensitive logic private in server-side code instead of client-side javascript.

    Spread.Services with Spread.Sheets

Spread.Services is the fastest and most exciting spreadsheet platform ever released by GrapeCity. Check out the demo and download your free trial version today!

Note: A new forum will be available on September 11th. Until then, feel free to submit support tickets for any questions or issues you may have.


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