GrapeCity Wins Multiple Best-Seller Awards from ComponentSource

ActiveReports and FarPoint Spread are ComponentSource’s #1 best-selling .NET reporting and spreadsheet products, and GrapeCity is the #1 software publisher in Japan and #3 globally

Kirkland, WA - March 30, 2010 - GrapeCity announced today that ActiveReports and FarPoint Spread, two award-winning products from their PowerTools Division have won multiple awards from ComponentSource®, the world's largest marketplace for reusable software components and development tools.

ComponentSource’s Top 100 Awards for 2009 rate leading software publishers and their individual products according to the total dollar value of orders placed globally by its customers during the year.

Example awards won by GrapeCity and its products – ActiveReports and FarPoint Spread are:

2009’s Top 100 Bestselling Products Awards ActiveReports for .NET — Ranked #1 in Japan, #7 in Top 10 Worldwide
FarPoint Spread for .NET Windows Forms — Ranked #2 in Japan, Top 25 Worldwide
FarPoint Spread for ASP.NET — Ranked #8 in Japan, Top 50 Worldwide

2009’s Top 100 Bestselling Publisher Awards GrapeCity (Japan) — Ranked #1 in Top 5 Publishers
GrapeCity (Worldwide) — Ranked #3 in Top 5 Publishers

These and other awards make ActiveReports and FarPoint Spread #1 best-sellers on ComponentSource in their respective categories. ActiveReports—World’s #1 best-selling .NET/COM reporting tools
FarPoint Spread— World’s #1 best-selling .NET/COM spreadsheet components

Commenting on the GrapeCity awards, Sam Patterson, ComponentSource CEO, said, _“ComponentSource® is pleased to announce that GrapeCity has won multiple ComponentSource Bestselling Publisher and Bestselling Products Awards for 2009-2010. These awards are based on the total dollar amount of orders placed by our customers over the past year through our three offices located in Atlanta, GA, USA, Reading, England and Tokyo, Japan.”
Patterson went on to say, _“Given their world-wide popularity and claim to the title of ’World’s largest component developer,’ GrapeCity prides itself on providing state-of-the-art, technically solid products.”
Commenting on GrapeCity’s success, Rick Williamson, General Manager of GrapeCity’s PowerTools Division, said, “We would like to thank ComponentSource for acknowledging our contributions. We are committed to rapid innovation and creation of even more business value for our customers. We will continue to work with channel partners such as ComponentSource to help grow the developer components industry worldwide.”


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