Handling 'Go' button of Virtual KeyBoard in iTouch Devices

Many a times users come up with placing a submit request on clicking 'go'/'submit'/'search' of virtual keyboard of iTouch device.

This enhancement was incorporated in C1iPhone Suite and a new client side property 'OnClientSubmitButtonClick' was made available in C1NavgationListInputItem to users which fires on client side when Submit/Go/Search button is clicked.

I have attached a sample website with this post to demonstrate how to handle the same. C1NavigationListItem_GoButtonSubmit

Please download the application and host it on your iTouch device.

You will see that C1ViewPort with CNavigationlist gets rendered. Type something in C1NavigationInputItem -'UserName:' and 'Password' field so that the virtual Keyboard is displayed. When you finish typing press 'Go' button. On clicking 'go' button other page will be displayed in C1ViewPort indicating 'Successful LogIn' ie; successful handling of 'Go' button.

Below is the code -

<C1NavigationList:C1NavigationListInputItem ID="txtUser" runat="server" Text="UserName : " OnClientSubmitButtonClick="goButtonClick">

The above method will be called on OnClientSubmitButtonClick of C1NavigationListInputItem i.e; when 'Go' button of virtual Keyboard is clicked.

Hope the feature helps you in developing more interactive websites and apps for iPhone using our ComponentOne Controls.


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