Houston TechFest 2011 Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a great day. Houston is a fun city, Fran and I enjoyed the hospitality very much. There were over 900 attendees, so we were packed at the table all day long. Congrats to Michael and the rest of the organizing team, it went very smoothly, and I hope you got a few days' rest before you start planning next year's event. Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions, as promised I've linked to the slides and other resources below. Resources for "Using ASP.NET Authentication in Silverlight Applications" This talk was also an MSDN webcast, and the webcast was more linear than today (although much less interactive). I have a blog post recapping the webcast at http://c1.ms/2e, and you can see the webcast at http://c1.ms/2c. In the session, we talked about the Table Profile Provider. I have a blog post showing how to integrate the provider into the Silverlight Business Application at http://c1.ms/2d. Links to additional resources are in that post. Finally, I have uploaded the slides: Slides for Silverlight Authentication. Adding Geocoded Information to Your Applications Here are the downloads: Geocoding Script and Geocoding Slides. The sample code came straight from the samples at http://bingmapsportal.com. Rocking WebForms with jQuery This was also presented and recorded as an MSDN Webcast in August; I have a blog post with a link to the slides and MSDN recording at http://our.componentone.com/2011/08/30/slides-and-code-for-rocking-webforms-with-jquery/. We had a couple minutes of audio difficulty at the beginning of the talk, and aside from weirdness with the alert();, it all went pretty well.


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