How to Add Comments to a .NET Spreadsheet using GcExcel (Video)

Documents for Excel, .NET Edition | How to Add Comments to a Spreadsheet

GrapeCity Documents for Excel, .NET Edition, is a fast, efficient spreadsheet API that enables you to generate, load, modify, and save spreadsheets in your .NET Standard 2.0 app. With GcExcel, you can parse, convert, and share spreadsheets, calculate formulas and format cells, then deploy to Azure and AWS.

In this video, we’ll add comments to cells in your spreadsheet.

Step 1:

Add the necessary namespaces to your GcExcel project.

Step 2:

Initialize the workbook. Add a worksheet and a range of data to it.

Step 3:

In this example, we’ll add a comment to the cell that includes the lowest weight. In this case, it’s E6, where the weight is 58 kilograms.

Step 4:

Create a comment at cell E6.

Step 5:

To keep the comment opened when a user opens the Excel file, set the visible property of the comment to true.

Step 6:

Finally, save the workbook to see the comment. It’s visible and added to the E6 cell.

With GcExcel, you can command total control of your spreadsheets—with no dependencies on Excel.

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Jody Handley

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