How to Create a Shared Dataset in ActiveReports Server

Here's a quick tutorial on creating a shared dataset in ActiveReports Server. When you create a shared dataset in ActiveReports Server's Administrator Portal, you make them available for users in their own ad-hoc reports, whether they're created in the ActiveReports Server Web Designer or in the ActiveReports Developer End-User Designer.

Step 1: Create a Data Source

Before creating a shared data set, you first need to create a data source.

  1. First, log in to your ActiveReports Server Administrator Dashboard. Under the Data Sources tab, click Create Data Source.

  2. Next, enter a name and an optional description of the data source.

  3. Then, choose the data provider, whether it's SQL, OleDb, Odbc, Oracle, XML, JSON, or CSV. As you can tell, ActiveReports Server allows for a wide range of possible data providers, making it easier than ever to create reports from whatever data provider you need!

  4. Finally, enter the appropriate Server name, Database name, and your credentials, and test the connection. On successful connection, click Save and your data source is created!

Create a data source

Step 2: Create a Data Set

Once you’ve created a data source, you can create a shared data set from that data source.

  1. First, click Create Data Set, choosing your newly created data source as the data source. Name the data set and enter the query to specify which data you'd like to use to create the data set, changing the Command Type to Stored Procedure if you're using a Stored Procedure. You'll see that ActiveReports Server automatically sets up the Bound Fields and Calculated Fields as needed.

  2. After clicking Next to proceed, you can set further customization options such as Parameters and Filters. Additionally, you can set further Options as needed - these include Case Sensitivity, Collation, and other Sensitivities.

  3. Click Finish, and your data set is now created!

Create a data set

Step 3: Connect the Server to ActiveReports Developer End-User Designer

At this point, you've created a data set that can used in the ActiveReports Server. If you have ActiveReports Developer, however, you can also connect to the Server to allow your users to use the data set when they design reports in ActiveReports Developer.

  1. First, open the ActiveReports Developer End User Designer. In the toolbar, you'll see four active buttons: New, Open, Save, and Connect to Server. Click the Connect to Server button.

    Click "connect the server" in the ActiveReports Developer end-user designer

  2. Next you'll be prompted to enter your ActiveReports Server credentials. Enter the appropriate information, and your ActiveReports Developer End-User Designer will be connected to your ActiveReports Server!

Step 4: Add Shared Data Set to End-User Designer

Now that your ActiveReports Developer End-User Designer is connected to the Server, navigate to the Report Explorer (right-hand side), and right-click on Server Data Sets. Click Add Data Set. You'll see a list of available data sets that you can add from the Server. Choose the one you want and select OK. You can use your ActiveReports Server created data sets in the ActiveReports Developer End-User Designer!

See data sets in end-user report designer

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Ethan Conner

Technical Engagement Engineer
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