How to encourage employees to leverage business apps

As employees continue to bring in their personal devices for work purposes, app development is taking off for enterprise use. In many cases, consumer-grade programs will not provide the same type of features that workers may require on a daily basis. While organizations are more accepting of smartphones and tablets being used for various tasks, they must carefully craft software that will entice the staff to leverage it instead of consumer alternatives.

Taking notes from trends
In order to build a successful business application, developers should consider current trends in the programming environment. Gaming apps, for example, are extremely popular. According to a recent report from Midia Research, out of the 700 top grossing iOS and Android applications, 84.9 percent were games. In addition, 81 percent of the total programs came from 50 companies. The numbers show that these producers are doing something right with their formula. Enterprise-based software must have similar appeal to users, providing them will something that will take the stress out of their activities and automate recurring tasks.

"The smart developers have been creating positive feedback loops by using the revenues from the freemium sales to finance the marketing and acquisition costs of new players…who will start using IAP and increase the funds available for more marketing," Forbes contributor Ewan Spence stated.

Engaging enterprise users
When most employees are accustomed to their personal programs, it can be hard to transfer to apps that are geared for the enterprise. This is why developers should make users habituated with the software to encourage them to leverage it, according to WhaTech. With an engaging interface, bug-free performance and full mobile compatibility, workers will be more likely to show interest in the business program. If the app is too clunky to navigate or does not have the functions that users require, they will revert back to utilizing their own software. Developers must head off this possibility by delivering consistent service and ensuring that any issues are quickly dealt with for optimal performance.

"The enterprise mobile application should not contain any meaningless things," WhaTech stated. "Otherwise, it becomes a greater barrier to the success of the app. In other words you must limit your functions and put the things which are the actual demand of your employees."

Creating engaging applications is becoming a necessary business asset. As these programs take prevalence in work processes, it will be important for developers to deliver a successful app with tools that users require.


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