ActiveReportsJS uses a deployment licensing model. You do not need a license for every developer working on a project or their machines. Instead, you license the application for the hostname. This model is much easier for development teams to manage. Let’s discuss how the licensing works.

ActiveReportsJS Product Breakdown

There are two parts to the ActiveReportsJS product that involve licensing:

  1. ActiveReportsJS Designer
  2. ActiveReportsJS component files.

The Designer is a standalone desktop application for creating reports. It can be installed on Windows, Linux, and Mac machines. The designer includes a 30-day evaluation period. When installed and opened, the designer will display a banner in the menu bar indicating the trial status.

You may see a banner like this if your trial is expired:

How to License ActiveReportsJS

The ActiveReportsJS components are JS and CSS files that can be used in your web application. You can include these files in your application by downloading the files from the ActiveReportsJS page on our site or from NPM.

License Keys

There are three types of keys:

  1. Serial Key
  2. Designer Key
  3. Distribution/Deployment key

The serial key is used for registration purposes, and the designer key is used to license the designer application. The Serial Key and Designer Key will be included in the purchase confirmation email.

The serial key should be registered in your account. If you do not have a GrapeCity account, you will need to create one and register your key. This will enable you to create a deployment key.

Licensing the Designer

The designer key is used to license the designer on a machine. The key is included in the purchase email. Copy this string.

A designer that is not licensed will display a banner with the trial status. Click this banner to open the License Dialog.

How to License ActiveReportsJS

Paste your key in the dialog and click OK. The banner and watermark will disappear if properly licensed.

Licensing an Application

Applications deployed with ActiveReportsJS require a deployment key. Deployment keys are available for evaluation, as well as production. After a serial key is registered in your account, you can create your own deployment key following these steps.

  1. Click on the “Distribution Licenses” link.

You will be directed to the "Distribution Licenses" section.

How to License ActiveReportsJS

  1. Your key will be listed under Distribution License. Click "Create Distribution Key" under Actions:

How to License ActiveReportsJS

  1. Click “Add a Hostname.” Hostname dialog will appear.

How to License ActiveReportsJS

  1. Enter hostname and select “Add Hostname” button. You can enter additional hostnames for the key you want to generate (limited by the license type).

How to License ActiveReportsJS

  1. Click “Generate Distribution Key.”

How to License ActiveReportsJS

  1. A dialog will appear with the ‘deployment key’ string. Copy and save this key.

To license your application, you just need to set the LicenseKey property to the key generated in the steps above.


GC.ActiveReports.Core.PageReport.LicenseKey = "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY";

Note: You will need a deployment key to deploy an application with ActiveReportsJS to any hostname other than localhost.

Evaluation Keys

If you are evaluating the product, the designer already includes a 30-day trial upon installation, so you don’t have to do anything.

For deployment, you also have the option to use an evaluation deployment key for an application using any of the ActiveReportsJS components. You will need to contact our Sales or Support team for this. You can also contact the sales team if you need more time to evaluate the product.


We hope that this licensing model will help with license management in the future. If you have additional questions about licensing you can refer to our licensing page on our website or to the documentation.

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