How to use the GrapeCity License Manager Add in

Xuni 2016 v2.5 has several enhancements, but one of the biggest changes is support for the GrapeCity License Manager Visual Studio add in. Licensing is often a pain point for customers, and the GrapeCity License Manager looks to streamline the process by making licensing easier for Xamarin users in Visual Studio.

Using the GrapeCity License Manager

The GrapeCity License Manager add in allows you to generate XML keys to license your apps directly in Visual Studio. To License a Xamarin.Forms project, you can follow along with this Getting Started video or the detailed steps below:

Getting Started with the GrapeCity License Manager add in for Visual Studio To license a Xamarin.Forms project follow these steps:

  1. From the Tools menu, select GrapeCity License Manager. ToolsMenu
  2. Sign into the License Manager using your email address and password. If you haven’t created a GrapeCity Account in the past, you can create an account at this step. Also, if you’re already signed in you’ll be able to skip this screen. SignIn
  3. From the main License Manager Screen, you can Activate/Deactivate Serial Numbers, Generate App Licenses, or Launch the Support Portal. If you have a full license serial key you wish to activate, click Activate/Deactivate Serial Number. If you’ve already activated a serial key or wish to generate an app license using a trial key, click Generate App (runtime) Licenses. LicenseManagerScreen
  4. Select your full license from the drop down at the top. If you’re generating a trial key, select Eval.
  5. Click on the checkbox next to PCL or shared project you wish to license. GenerateLicense
  6. Click Generate App (runtime) License.
  7. Click Done. DoneScreen

You’ll now be able to build and run your licensed App.

Other Options

The old licensing mechanism will also continue to function, so if you prefer to generate your keys online that will remain a viable option. For native iOS and Android users as well as Xamarin users not using Visual Studio, generating keys from the website will continue to be the only method for licensing your projects. Projects imported into Xamarin Studio from Visual Studio will work as expected though without any changes. If you'd like to try out the GrapeCity License Manager, you can install it as part of the Xuni 2016v2.5 installer.

Download Xuni 2016v2.5 >>


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