HowTo : Adding Scrollbar in C1RibbonForm

Winforms Forms have an AutoScroll property which shows the scrollbar on the form. However, our C1RibbonForm specifically prohibits this ability. The reason is because C1Ribbon and C1StatusBar are the intrinsic parts of the ribbon form user interface. If these controls are partly visible or scrolled out of the visible area the whole UI will look broken. For example, see the screen-shot with a partly visible ToolStrip control. We have to avoid such an appearance in C1RibbonForm.

Adding Scrollbars to C1RibbonForm

The workaround for the above mentioned limitation is to use the scrolling abilities for the content control rather than the form itself. There are two ways to display Scrollbars in C1RibbonForm: 1. Add the standard Panel control to a C1RibbonForm and set its Dock property to Fill. The Panel has the AutoScroll property and all other properties related to scrolling. 2. Add C1SplitContainer control, set the Dock property to Fill and the AutoScroll property of C1SplitterPanel1 to True. Please refer to the attached sample for the implementation. Download Sample


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