HTML5 may be the solution to many of tech industr​y's current woes

Understanding the future of tech may mean understanding HTML5. The reason behind this new revolution is that HTML5 is very effective at getting content onto a variety of platforms very easily. This can prevent companies from having to deal with many of the problems they used to when developing Web and mobile content, and the language allows them to continually develop new content rather than rehash the same pieces of information in order to make them palatable for different delivery systems. Going cross-platform is no longer a strategy - it is becoming the dominant paradigm. Utilizing an approach that allows workers to focus on creating new things rather than interpreting them for different pieces of existing media is very important.

According to Talking New Media contributor Jake Sebastian, who is also the communications manager of Aquafadas, HTML5 is an essential component of a cross-platform publishing strategy. Four percent of the mobile market is neither iOS or Android users, which accounts for over 11 million individual users. Targeting specific devices is not enough to ensure a large enough public grasp for these workers. Working with HTML5 and other elements that allow it to effortlessly do the work of other types of programs is a far more efficient choice, and can greatly streamline content delivery for an organization.

HTML5 to revolutionize the Web, video
Opera Software has a similar view of HTML5, and believes that it can revolutionize not just the Internet, but all video viewing software, according to the Huffington Post. In an interview with Beet.TV, Opera Software Product Management Vice President Frode Hernes said that HTML5 can be standardized across all of the different fragmented standards that exist online and in other forms of content distribution. The creation of many different types of developer support software for HTML5/jQUERY elements means that the software community as a whole has embraced the new standards, and it is likely that they will continue to deal with the problems of fragmentation by using powerful languages that enable cross-platform collaboration.

Utilizing HTML5 and making use of its various permutations in order to work with a large variety of devices should be a high-level goal for organizations that deal with any sort of content delivery online. Those that do not will wind up not being able to keep us with companies that have streamlined their delivery trucks and created a very easy system for their new releases to fit into.


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