HTML5 the strongest option for developers who need flexibility

A strong choice for organizations that are building their next digital project is HTML5. As the industry continues to adopt HTML5, it is likely to become standard, and the language offers several new security options that can help to reduce risk to customers using an online resource created through the new language. Because HTML5 works on all platforms, it allows for unprecedented access to mobile users and those using traditional computer devices without making concessions for either sector. It is yet to be seen whether or not HTML5 will wind up pushing Adobe Flash off of the Web as the main platform for delivery of content, but signs point to its increasing share of the market as a strong indicator that it will be around for some time.

The utilization of some of the more exciting features of the HTML5 framework, like the ability for an HTML5 form to easily be filled out by users through any device, make it perfect for organizations whose applications have a strong mobile component. Because the language itself makes it easy to develop for a variety of platforms, it helps to reduce the time it takes to implement a cross-mobile and desktop strategy. HTML5 also, according to WhaTech, has the ability to make use of innate features of devices like phones very easy, including options to utilize the shake functionality, in-app galleries and other features more closely associated with mobile-only languages.

An easy choice
In a recent article, The Server Side pointed out that HTML5 is very easy to move to, and such a move may be one of the least expensive technology migrations around. The use of HTML5/jQUERY in most modern browsers is fully supported, and new browsers take pains to support the new language as a method for future-proofing their own existence. Compared to previous iterations of HTML, the newest version definitely has the most longevity and ability to translate itself onto many other devices. In this way, moving on to HTML5 is an obvious choice for those who are interested in building a long-term presence on the Internet, and who at least want to reach the largest possible audience.

The risks associated with picking up HTML5 are nothing compared to the costs of not adopting it. When dealing with the possibility of having to frantically patch and re-patch websites as HTML4 becomes unsupported, HTML5 offers a much more realistic perspective on design that will last.


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