Improving perfection, Filtering in FlexGrid!

Ease of use, it's quite often that we come across this phrase in today's times. What is ease of use actually? I think it is doing the things in a manner we are most used to. Over a period of time we get used to our habits. Same happens to us when we get comfortable using a particular application. Our needs, our actions start getting defined by the features we come across in it. Take for example the recent euphoria over MS Office being available on iPads. The fact that I am actually working on mine and not even using MSOffice to do away with this piece of information is completely irrelevant at this time. What is more important is, we want our word processors to be like MSWord. Our spread sheet applications to be more and more like MSExcel. That is a benchmark that has been set for quite sometime now. And why not? Microsoft has been the leader in desktop applications, and anyone creating one in the realm does end up comparing theirs to the top one available. ComponentOne FlexGrid builds on its legacy to provide you more and more features like MSExcel out of the box. The latest offering deals with improving our filtering so that your end users, end up putting in less effort when they are looking for more. More relevant information, lesser data to siffle through in their applications. In short, Ease of use. And what do you have to do to put your users at ease? That's the best part, nothing. Flex_ExcelFilter_png When you upgrade to the latest version of ComponentOne FlexGrid, you automatically get the improved MSExcel like filtering. So now, when your users interact with their data, they feel comfortable, right at home. Let them set filters on multiple columns and the data shown to them is already filtered as per the first filter applied. Experience this and alot more features to implement, as easily as your users would end up using them. Get more out of the box, download ComponentOne Studio for WinForms. Do let us know your thoughts and suggestions here. Also check out some of the other blogs, regarding this new release, Whats new in 2014v1 release? Check out the new Radial Menu


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