FarPoint Technologies, and the InputPro for Silverlight team are proud to announce the Preview of our first Silverlight product - a set of Silverlight Input Controls - InputPro for Silverlight.Based the Quality Bands introduced with the Silverlight Toolkit, InputPro for Silverlight is well within the Preview Band for features and quality, and we are now at the point in the production cycle where we can no longer "develop in a bubble" so please let us know what you think. We need your feedback to direct us, and to let us know how these components stack up from functionality and usability perspectives.

We decided to create this set of input controls because we need a sophisticated, highly programmable and customizable, set of input controls to use as celltypes for our upcoming Silverlight spreadsheet component - Spread for Silverlight component that is currently in the design/dev process. We have not yet decided how we are going to deliver InputPro – as a stand-alone product, or as part of a suite, and we have not decided on a price. Any feedback from the dev community would be apprecieated here as well.

We are very excited to officially announce our entry into the Silverlight market, and look forward to your remarks and comments.