Insert Rows in Excel though code, Just like MSExcel

MSExcel as an application does a lot in the background, which when we start implementing through code would require a lot of efforts. A very simple example would be the ability to add / insert row/rows in between already existing data. Simple as it may seem to the end user this is a task which requires numerous backend tasks to be executed simultaneously or in quick succession, and apparently invisible to the end user. A few click here and a few keyboard strokes, what we see as the end result is a solution obtained after complex intricate and memory consuming actions have been performed, giving a smooth transition effect to the visual experience. Imagine there exists a stack of tens of thousands of Webster’s collegiate encyclopedias, and someone comes and asks you to insert one of the same copies in between the stack. Imagine your consternation at the magnanimity of the task. Same would be the reaction of a programmer were he to insert a row of data in an Excel sheet without a tool/library to help him/her easily access the row/column collection underlying the excel sheet. C1Excel provides one such robust and flexible platform to meet all the needs of someone creating excel sheets through code. With a simple implementation of few lines of code, actions like insertion deletion of data become kids play. With the advanced cloning ability of C1Excel any row can be cloned and added at any location within the sheet, also maintaining the merged ranges and cell styles if any applied. Check out the following sample for more details on the implementation of the same. Download Sample


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