Introducing FlexViewer, a WPF Report Viewer

With the 2016v3.5 release, you can now use FlexViewer for WPF (Beta) a full-fledged WPF report viewer for FlexReports.

Modern UI

The FlexViewer control for WPF includes modern icons and design for the viewer features. FlexViewerFor WPF

The report viewer control has a page navigation option at the top. If you want to jump to any specific page, you can type the page number in the page number textbox. Page navigation Page navigation

Jump to bookmark within report

If your report contains a Document Map, FlexViewer includes the Document Outlines panel, which helps you choose the required location to jump to. Document Outlines Document Outlines

Choose Parameters

Data parameters allow you to add interactivity to your reports. The control supports String, Boolean, Date, Integer and Float type parameters. WPF Report Viewer Parameters WPF Report Viewer Parameters

Export reports

Export the report to multiple formats from within FlexViewer control:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • OpenXML
  • RTF
  • Open XML Excel
  • Compressed Meta Files
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF

Export reports in WPF Report Viewer Export reports in WPF Report Viewer

Page Settings

Control page settings before printing your reports by clicking on the Page Settings icon. Options include:

  • Page Orientation: Portrait/Landscape
  • Page Size
  • Margins: Top, Left, Right, Bottom

Page settings Page settings


FlexViewer supports standard print settings when you print your reports. PrintPrint

View Modes

Options for view modes include:

  • Actual size: Pages are shown in actual size.
  • Page width: Pages are zoomed in or out as necessary to fit the page width in the preview window
  • Whole page: Pages are zoomed in or out as necessary to fit the whole page in the preview window
  • Zoom Percentages: Various Zoom percentages at which the pages can be viewed. User can also set his/her own zoom percentage.

View Modes View Modes Layout Following page layouts are support in the viewer -

  • One page: Shows report pages page-by-page in a single page view
  • Facing pages: Shows report pages side-by-side
  • Two pages: Shows two-page view of pages
  • Four pages: Shows pages in 4x4 mode

Layout options in the WPF report viewer Layout options Rotate Pages You can rotate pages of the viewer clockwise or counter-clockwise. Rotate pages Rotate pages

Text Selection

You can also select some text from the report and copy it to the clipboard. Text Selection Text Selection Try out these features on your own and do leave comments below for feedback. Thanks!

Download FlexReport in ComponentOne Studio


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