Introducing MultiRow Grid Functionality in Wijmo Enterprise

For some time, Wijmo’s Japanese market has asked for a MultiRow grid feature: one that displays cells in a stacked format, reducing the need to scroll right to view additional columns. While it’s not a familiar spreadsheet format in North America, it’s very popular in Japan, and makes a lot of sense once you understand how it works. In the example below, each item record consists of two rows (we’ll call them first and second). The first row includes Order ID, change date, person who changed it, etc. The second row includes ship date, suggested change date, etc:  Wrap columns to prevent scrolling with MultiRow Wrap columns to prevent scrolling with MultiRow With the heavier border between records, you can see how a user can quickly assess all the fields in a record, instead of needing to scroll right to see more. In addition, you can group like fields so they’re in the same column, offering more of a summary at a glance. In Wijmo’s MultiRow, you can even collapse the header into a single row: Collapse headers Collapse headers Basic Features and Benefits of MultiRow Grids

  • Display many fields in single page without scrolling.
  • Display a grid in a flexible layout. For instance, in reports, you can create multiple rows and merge cells in single record.
  • Group some fields and show hierarchical structure. For example, you can show customer’s name, e-mail, address fields in the same column group.
  • Provides all the same features as FlexGrid.

Key Features

  • Uses multiple rows to represent each record.
  • Merging cells for each record (not only for single record).
  • Header has the same layout as body, and also header can be collapsed into single row.
  • Users can navigate with keyboard just same way as single row grid.
  • Select all rows of a record by clicking row header.
  • FlexGrid features are also supported. Filtering, grouping, paging, freezing rows and columns, adding and deleting records, data type, datamap, resizing column, etc.

MultiRow is available only in Wijmo Enterprise, and is a great tool for business applications. Get started with MultiRow.


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