LightSwitch Onramp Recap

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch! Sorry for the NVidia burp in the middle of my OLAP for LightSwitch demo. If you'd like a live demo or some additional details about ComponentOne's LightSwitch tools, click on over to If you'd like to view the recording, you can find it at I have a second set of slides from my presentation of this talk at Desert Code Camp. I added some good reference links after I turned the slides in to MSDN, so there's some new material not in the webcast. You can download the more informative set at LightSwitch Onramp Slides. There were a couple comments that I went too fast through the URL for Michael Washington's website, you can find it at His book on custom Silverlight controls in LightSwitch is linked on the front page. Don't forget, for the next few months, Microsoft and The Code Project are running the LightSwitch Star contest. Win a sweet laptop for doing very little work. Full story at


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