MultiRow Template Designer

You can use the MultiRow template designer to design the layout of your data. The template items can be placed in any order. This allows you to display one record in multiple rows and requires less time to create a layout. A template can have a column header, row, and column footer sections. You can use a default template or add a new template. This example creates a new template. Select Project and then Add New Item. mrowNewItem Add New Item Select the MultiRow 7.0 Template. mrowSelectTemplate MultiRow 7.0 Template The following image displays a default template. mrowCreateLayout Default Template You can drag items to the template from the Toolbox. mrowdesignitems Toolbox Select the Task icon on the MultiRow control and then select the new template (Template1) to add the template to the control. mrowAddTemplate Select Template You can use code to add data to cells in the control or you can bind the control to a data source at design time. The following image displays the design time data source option. Use the Add Project Data Source option to connect to a data source. This example uses the nwnd database. mrowAddDataSource Add Data Source Assign a field to the item in the template (for example, ShipName to a text box cell). mrowAssignField Assign Field You can type text in the column header section in the template. mrowHeaderText Header Text You can move items to any location in the template. This allows you to arrange the layout of your data. mrowPlace Place Items The template in the preceding image would appear as follows: mrowrowsection Sample Data


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