Must have features for business applications and app stores

These days, businesses are turning the tables on consumer-facing applications by developing their own programs and platforms that meet their specific needs. As many customer-level apps do not provide the security and features required by today's enterprise users, it only makes sense that these groups would leverage HTML5 or native coding languages to establish their own resources. However, when developing a business application or app store, organizations should ensure that their program or platform includes the features that users are looking for. Otherwise, the time, investments and efforts consumed to create the software or app store may have been wasted when employees seek alternative programs elsewhere. To help avoid this practice, here are some of the top features users want in their business applications and app stores:

The opportunity to give feedback
According to The Next Web, programs and app stores should provide the means for users to share their feedback and experiences through the app and platform. This way, developers can utilize these comments to repair issues or better shape future projects.

"Whether it is a button or link to open an email...the important part is that you give your users a quick way to report bugs, and provide suggestions or criticisms," noted Seth Kravitz of Technori. "Users will appreciate knowing that you are open to their feedback and that their input can shape the future of your app."

Mobile support for a range of operating systems
In the current BYOD environment, employees are leveraging a number of different mobile devices to carry out work processes. However, these hardware systems typically operate on a number of different platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and others. In order to make the application and associated store usable for all individuals throughout the company, creators should ensure that it can support the different OS​es, noted CIO. During the development process, teams should choose the coding language carefully to ensure that the app or platform will function no matter the operating system being utilized.

Customizable settings
One of the best ways to ensure that employees use the app or app store being rolled out within a company is to provide customizable features. Luke Burgis of ActivPrayer told The Next Web that adjustable settings allow the user to establish a tailored experience. This can include colors, font styles and sizes, and, most importantly, security settings.

"The more opportunities the user has to tailor the app to her own taste, the less chance that you will get something wrong," Burgis said. "And, if you do, it will simply be adjusted by the user."


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