New Features in C1Scheduler 2013

Scheduler for WinForms provides built-in visual styles, data views, and appointment labels through which you can build intuitive, polished-looking scheduling applications with ease. With additional options like drag-and-drop support, customizable dialog boxes, and easy localization, designing a scheduling application to meet the needs of your end-users has never been easier. This blog content mentions Enhancements made in C1Scheduler starting from build 2.0.20131.222 onwards.

  1. New item added to the default C1Schedule context menu: 'Next 7 Days'.

    • It updates the C1Schedule to show 7 days starting from the current date.
    • If currently shown view is not TimeLine, the 7 days will be shown in the DayView mode.

    Note: if you use localized resources, make sure that you add translation for this item.

  2. 2 hour time scale interval added in the Day/Week/Work Week/Time Line views. This includes:
    • new TimeScaleEnum.TwoHours enumeration member,
    • new "2 hours" item in the time ruler context menu.
  3. Support for daily scale added in the Time Line view. This includes:

    • new TimeLineStyleEnum enumeration,
    • new property of the C1Schedule control: public TimeLineStyleEnum TimeLineStyle { get; set; } Gets or sets the Time Line style.* "1 day" item in the Time Line time ruler context menu.

  4. New method added to the C1Schedule control: public void ShowDates(DateTime[] dates, ScheduleViewEnum view) It shows specified dates in the scheduler with the specified view type. If parameter view has no value, the C1Schedule control will select the most appropriate view depending on specified dates.

Refer to the attached sample to experience the changes ;) Download Sample


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