New PDF Viewer in FlexViewer for WinForms

FlexViewer, as the name suggests, is a flexible, powerful report and document viewing tool introduced in November 2015, with the support of viewing FlexReport, C1Report and SSRS Documents. With 2016 v1.5 release, we've added support for a PDF viewer via a new component: the C1PDFDocumentSource (Beta), which can open a PDF file and load it into a C1FlexViewer for viewing, exporting or printing. You can search pdf text, Zoom pages change view modes, navigate pdf pages and more using FlexViewer. Please note that the control is still released as beta, so it has limited functionality for v1.5. Here's how to load a PDF document in FlexViewer:

  1. Create a new WinForms application, targeting .NET 4.0 or later.
    • Note: C1PDFDocumentSource is only available in the .NET 4.0 version of the C1Studio for WinForms.
  2. Open the application's main form in the Visual Studio forms designer.
  3. From the toolbox, pick and drop a C1FlexViewer on the form. Position and size it as desired. Its default name will be c1FlexViewer1.
  4. From the toolbox, pick and drop on the form a C1PDFDocumentSource. It's a component (not a control), so it will appear in the form's component tray, with the default name C1PDFDocumentSource1.
  5. Go to the c1FlexViewer1's properties in the properties window, and go to DocumentSource property.
  6. Click the drop down arrow in the value field and choose C1PDFDocumentSource1 component.
  7. Go to c1PDFDocumentSource1's properties in the properties window, and go to DocumentLocation property.
  8. Enter the full path to the PDF file that you want to show.
  9. You're done! Now build and run your application. After a short delay you should see the specified PDF document in the preview control. You can now browse the pages of the document or print it.

View PDFs in FlexViewer for WinForms View PDFs in FlexViewer for WinForms What do you think about PDF Support in FlexViewer? Leave your comments below. Thanks! Read more about FlexReport for WinForms.


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