New products just in time for the HTML5Devconf

Just in time for the HTML5Devconf, we at GrapeCity have released Wijmo 5, which contains a new set of JavaScript controls. GrapeCity product manager Chris Bannon noted that our new "touch first, mobile first" philosophy played a major role in this release of tools. This understanding of the future of connectivity and cross-compatibility makes our development of these new products an exciting development for us, because we know that they are something that developers have needed and wanted to use for some time now. Because the product utilizes true JavaScript controls, the UI is very close to most .NET properties. In addition, the product suite contains all of the elements required to develop applications that run on desktop and mobile devices.

Understanding the future of programming means knowing a variety of trends, so Wijmo 5 also supports object oriented programming and works with ECMAScript 5. Through the utilization of powerful languages like HTML5/jQUERY, it is now possible to make cross-compatible platforms work for just about every environment, so developers should find exactly the tools they need in this setting. In order to produce top-quality work, finding the best possible tools should be the top priority, so that programmers can spend less time wrangling their software and more time creating.

Utilize these new languages and more at the HTML5Devconf
​The exciting HTML5-based developer's conference will be held October 20 and 21 in the Moscone Center, located in the heart of San Francisco. Although the title name features HTML5, other cross-platform Web and mobile technologies will be represented there, according to App Developer Magazine. There will be training classes after the main conference, as well as a variety of keynote speeches, workshops and other types of sessions run by experts within the software industry. For anyone that is looking to create the next big wave of mobile media content, this conference will be a must-visit.

Understanding how and why to utilize strong languages that produce cross-platform content is as simple as learning about HTML5 and the power and variety of compatible devices it offers access to. Because there are so many different types of platforms available for use right now, it is becoming harder for programmers to anticipate the ways in which their websites will be accessed. Working with languages that support a large variety of means of​ access is the only way to present a Web page that is easy to understand for the majority of consumers.


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