Overcoming hurdles to WinForms datagrids success

Conveying information effectively, as many business users are likely aware, can be exceedingly difficult. The surge of big data and analytics tools capable of synthesizing unstructured information has actually given rise to a dynamic that is nearly the reverse of traditional enterprise structure. There is now so much information, arriving at such high speeds and capable of saying so much, that it's ultimate effect can be more paralyzing than it is mobilizing. Analysis was more limited when there was less data readily available, but there was also less risk that a company was leaving powerful intuitions on the table.

The explosion of data gives rise a problem that is as much philosophical as it is logistical. In order to effectively respond to this changing paradigm, enterprises and developers need to invest in tools that are robust, intelligent and firmly grounded in business logic. Using WinForms datagrids gives programmers more design freedom and offers more customization to end users. With more powerful tools in hand, users can stem the tide of information and make sure they are effectively querying every available channel.

Information-induced paralysis often starts at the top. C-suite executives can have a difficult time getting on the data analysis train. In many cases, these tenured employees have succeeded without engaging with data analysis tools directly. The limited engagement with quantifiable information could be left to the statistics professionals. This arrangement certainly informed application development, as programmers were charged with building programs for a specific subset of individuals with a fairly high level of expertise.

The rise of data analysis tools and their increasing visibility in the enterprise led many business leaders to conclude they should get in on the game. However, the decision to invest often does not lead to action, according to a recent study. The Worcester Business-Journal reported that a KPMG Capital survey of 144 chief financial and information officers from multinational enterprises with yearly revenues topping $1 billion, 75 percent stated that it was difficult to make data-driven decisions.

"We live in an increasingly data-driven world where (data and analytics) has the potential to revolutionize the way we conduct and manage business operations across the entire enterprise," stated Mark Toon, KPMG Capital chief executive officer. "From CEOs, to CFOs, CIOs and CMOs, the challenge for today's executive is understanding how to draw actionable insights from data and turn them into tangible, genuine results."

WinForms datagrids: Turning information into decisions
One of the benefits of using WinForms datagrids in the enterprise is that the advanced tools in the platform simplify user interaction and aid users in identifying and highlighting information patterns that can lead to productive conclusions. TileControl, the sophisticated user interface tool included in the WinForms studio package, facilitates the creation of a visually engaging, interoperable user interface that puts the user on the right track to making inferences. It's also a perfect tool for the manager who has little background in data analytics, delivering customizable gauges, a slew of chart types and an advanced set of dashboard controls for smart design and reporting.

This adaptability is incredibly important for ensuring that no potentially lucrative stone is left unturned without having to spend lots of time pausing to examine each one. WinForms datagrids help facilitate experimentation through their many adaptive features. Ultimately, this drive and capacity to develop an efficient trial and error process is going to elevate an organization over its competitors, according to TechRepublic contributor John Weathington.

"Adaptable organizations that embrace big data for a competitive advantage double-down on the idea of big data concepts both in content and format," Weathington wrote. "Rapid experimentation is at the core of adaptability, and big data analytics is the best secret to rapid experimentation."


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