The GridView for ASP.NET Wijmo has gone through some fine tuning in the last couple of releases. We have been working hard to add new features and at the same time improving the performance of the GridView. As a result the Grid is now more compact with optimized browser payload and faster initialization. Let's see the performance centered changes one by one and how you can benefit by just switching on or off a few properties. Virtualization The GridView had support for row virtualization which enabled faster rendering of the grid even if the grid is bound to lot of data. In 2014 V3, we added column virtualization to the Grid which further enhances the performance and makes the rendering faster in cases where the Grid has lot of columns. You can take advantage of this feature by simply setting "VirtualizationSettings" property to "Row" or "Column" or "Both". You can look at the samples here to see row virtualization in action. The Grid rendering is also fast when the Grid has lots of columns, check out this sample which renders data with hundred columns. Conditional Dependency With build 198 of 2014 V3 we introduced a new setting in the Grid, which when set registers only the minimum JavaScript required by the GridView, thus optimizing the browser payload for the Grid and making it render quickly. This implies that if you are not using certain features of the Grid then the script for these unused features are not registered initially. Then as you start turning on these additional features the scripts get registered. The "EnableConditionalDependencies" property allows you to reduce the amount of resources used by the control (.css and .js) thus speeding up page load on the client. If the property is turned on, the only resources which are required for the current control configuration are registered on the page. Which resources are required is selected in properties setup of the control. If the property is turned off then all of resources the control will ever need will be registered on the page. This property works only if the EnableCombinedJavaScripts property is turned on. This property affects the following settings: AllowPaging, ScrollSettings.Mode, ShowFilter, and AllowC1InputEditors. So for example, if you set this property and you are not going to use paging then the script required for paging would not be registered but if you want to use scrolling and have set the ScrollSettings.Mode property then scripts required for scrolling is registered. If you do not have the latest build then you should use the C1Live utility to download it, alternatively you can download it from here. We will continue to enhance and fine tune the GridView. We look forward to your suggestions and feature request. Thanks for reading.