Powerball Winners, Oops meant Studio Enterprise Winners

Last night I stayed up to see if I had matched any numbers to secure my place as the winner of $40 million dollars. Well, no luck this time but it is always exciting to dream. It got me thinking we hold raffles all over the U.S. at Code Camps, UG meetings, etc. and there are many of you who probably wonder if you won. Typically, the winner is selected once we return to the office and we contact the individual to let them know. For all others, there is no answer to your question or place for you to look- until now. My plan is to start posting the first and last initial of the winner from each venue I attend. This way you can turn to my blog to see if you were the lucky one at the event. I'll start it out with Iowa Code Camp (Sean N.), DNR Tampa (Cy S.) and 1DevDay Detroit (Philip M.). Keep an eye out for your name; you never know when it may be called.


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