Presenting the New ComponentOne Sample Explorer

The most innovative control vendor just won't rest, regardless of what can be improved! Our website team has been hard at work over the last year, and you've seen major improvements in our blogs and forums. Their latest innovation is our updated sample browser, built with our own components (we eat our own dogfood around here). In every Studio download, there are dozens and dozens of code samples produced by our development teams, which show how to use and configure our controls. Through the years, our sample libraries have been invaluable to developers needing a simple "how to" or some more advanced scenarios. These samples have also been available for viewing online, to help developers evaluate solutions before downloading and installing a Studio. It's this sample browser which is the subject of this post. You can access the new samples browser from our community page at (also the gateway to our blogs, forums, webcasts, documentation and more), or directly at Searching the Samples When you first land on the Code Samples page, you're greeted by a nice large search box. This is the first and fastest way to start finding the samples you're interested in. Search results are neatly organized, and clearly show a description of the sample, the date of the most recent update and the platform. You can further filter or sort the results as needed. The search results filter allows you to narrow your search to a platform, .NET version or language. Useful! Drill Down Below the search box is a list of platforms with available Code Samples, how many controls have samples, and how many samples are available. This list can be expanded to display the controls in the Studio, allowing you to drill down to the samples for just a certain control. Sort by Criteria Below the list of platforms is a tabbed, paged list of all samples, which can be reordered by the criterion on each tab. Downloading and Viewing Once you've found the sample you're interested in, you can drill down for more details, plus the buttons to download and view the code. Note that our samples have both C# and VB.NET projects. Download does just what it sounds like. Clicking the View Source button opens a solution browser, with all the sample files listed in the treeview and the code in the right pane. Handy! Our Code Samples are constantly being updated; if you don't see something you need, make a post in our forums--we value your feedback! We hope you find this new functionality useful. Let us know what you build!


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