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Irina Pykhova

Irina Pykhova loves solving puzzles and seeing the results — which she does for a living as Program Manager for ComponentOne Studio at GrapeCity. She graduated from Ural State Technical University with a system engineer diploma before starting her career in the software industry more than a decade ago. When she's not working, Irina enjoys taking long walks, playing with code, and playing the sport version of 'What? Where? When?' — a well-known intellectual game show in Russian-language media.

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Updating the Look of WinForms Controls

The ComponentOne teams continue to deliver more styling options and ready-to-use themes. We don't just update the color scheme; we also update layout and behavioral elements so your full application keeps to current trends. Let’s see we're including into our upcoming 2017 v3 release, available on November 15.

October 31, 2017