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Mike Christie

Mike Christie spent a quarter century in Silicon Valley, working in a variety of capacities. Much of that time was spent as a technical writer, documenting software in the areas of e-Commerce, search software, personal financial management, and expert systems. Mike also has considerable experience with the web. He has built and managed web sites and has written a variety of content for the web. Mike has worked for a number of high tech companies from the smallest startup to computing giant Hewlett-Packard. In 2015, Mike returned to Southern California where he grew up and has been an independent contractor providing writing and web services to a range of clients.

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Creating Realistic Test Datasets for Financial and Business Apps

Masked health and financial data (data with personally identifiable information removed) are much harder to find, particularly for banking, financial, or payment systems. In this article, we look at some of these considerations, show you how to mask your data, and suggest some places to find test data.

April 19, 2021