Radar, Polar, Histogram, and Step Charts Available in Reports for WinForms

Attention, chart lovers! You'll want to check out our new set of chart types in ComponentOne Studio Reports for WinForms in July—four new ways to graph, chart, and visualize your way to meaningful reports. Check out the new chart types below, and be sure to check back and update Thursday, July 16!

Radar Chart

A radar chart gives the user multiple visual comparisons by displaying multivariate data with different variables. In other words: if you're trying to see how multiple data points work together, and then compare against another set of multiple data points, a radar chart is the one for you. The example below evaluates mode of transport (New Transport, OTIS, Walk) on different parameters like travel time, response time, comfort, etc., on a scale of 1 to 5. Radar charts allow us to evaluate different situations based on different parameters. CmoponentOne Studio Reports for WinForms Radar Chart

Polar Chart

Polar charts are simple: phenomena characterized by direction and distance from a fixed point can be plotted on Polar chart. They're similar to radar charts, but instead of any variables, they specifically chart geography. The outside values in the circle are always the degrees in the circle. For example, if a boat is moving in particular direction, then its speed can be determined through wind direction. In the image below, boat direction is plotted as different angles on circumference, while boat speed is plotted in relation to the angles. Corresponding to the Wind direction - (90 degrees), the Boat speed can be measured. It is observed that if boat moves in 90-105 degrees and 255-285 degrees, the boat speed is maximum. CmoponentOne Studio Reports for WinForms Polar Chart

Histogram Chart

Histogram charts facilitate quick decision-making by summarizing large data sets graphically, in different intervals. While they look like bar charts, histograms show the distribution of data in an interval, rather than expressing the units of data individually. While the X-axis of a bar chart has individual numeric values (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc), a histogram's X-axis shows intervals (1 through 5, 6 through 10, etc.). In the example below, the call center hold time is plotted against number of customers who hung up during those intervals.

  1. At a glance, data of about 42 customers can be analyzed.
  2. The chart shows what is the average time of wait for the customers.
  3. Half of the customers have waited 6 minutes or more.

With a histogram, a company can infer lot of information about its processes and where it needs rectification. It offers a quick way of making decisions. ComponentOne Studio Reports for WinForms Histogram

Step Chart

Step charts express visual trends by plotting data that changes over time. The key difference between step charts and line graphs is that step charts handle data where variables change at specific points in time. For instance, if the interest rate is 5.3% on June 1, and falls to 4.5% on July 1, a line graph would show a gradual decline from June 1 to July 1—even though the interest rate may still have been 5.3% on June 30. Step charts are useful in finance, sales, and any instances where a value changes without going decline or incline—in other words, a number that makes a jump without hitting all the values in between. ComponentOne Studio Report for WinForms Step Chart

Important Note

From 2015v2 onwards, additional DLLs should be added in your existing projects.

  1. For WinForms/Web Applications referencing C1.C1Report.4 dll, please add C1.Win.4 and C1.Win.Barcode.4 dlls to your projects.
  2. For WPF Applications referencing C1.WPF.C1Report.CustomFields.4 dll, please add C1.Win.4 and C1.Win.Barcode.4 dlls to your projects.
  3. For Silverlight applications referencing C1.WPF.C1Report.CustomFields.4 dll, please add C1.Win.4 and C1.Win.Barcode.4 dlls to your projects.

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