Recap: South Florida Code Camp 2012

I apologize for the delay in making this post. We had network issues the one day I had free. Figures... Anyhow, congratulations to Dave Noderer and the rest of the volunteers for another great event! Once again, very well run, and the best speaker shirts in the business. And, thanks to all the attendees--you are why why the volunteers and speakers do events like these. We love learning from you as much as we love sharing what we know. Building Windows 8 Applications with HTML 5 and jQuery This is a fun talk--a new OS, a new IDE, and a completely new development paradigm, all in 75 minutes. Y'all were crazy, I think we had 80 people in a room made for 30. We had a brisk pace, but plenty of time for questions throughout, thank you for all the interaction. As promised, you can download the slides via Windows 8 Metro Apps with HTML and jQuery Slides. I'll post the code at a future date--with the recent release of VS11 beta and Windows 8 Customer Preview, I need to make sure the services I need can run with that environment. If you have a minute, I'd appreciate any feedback on this talk--please leave comments below, or rate me on Speaker Rate at I used the Developer Preview versions of Windows 8 and Visual Studio. When Microsoft releases the Consumer Preview on Feb 29, things may change. I apologize if parts of this talk are out of date after Feb 29, it's out of my control. I showed some of our Wijmo jQuery UI widgets in the talk, which are perfect for building Metro app dashboards with HTML and JavaScript. Rocking WebForms with jQuery Again, crazy big crowd. And again, I appreciate your feedback--the Speaker Rate link is I've presented this talk in the past as an MSDN webcast, and you can find the slides, sample code and link to the recording at Remember to check out Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo, which includes both the Wijmo-powered WebForms controls and the standalone Wijmo widgets. Something very new is the release of jUICE UI, which is the successor to the ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit. I couldn't show it at the code camp, but you can now start working with these extenders in your WebForms apps. We're adding Wijmo Open to the toolkit, so there will soon be 30+ jQuery UI powered WebForms extenders! This is great because as we saw in the talk, you can get all the latest technology in a WebForms app with fairly minor changes.


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