Recapping the Top Blog Posts of 2013 - Part 1

It is that time of year when every industry does a "look back" or discusses "hot topics" of 2013. Same holds true here at ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity. Many of us here are frequent bloggers and topics range from technical how to's to tradeshow events. We try to have a little something for everyone and realize blogging is an efficient way for you to consume the information you are looking for. In 2013, there were some blog posts that garnished quite a bit of attention. Our authors in many cases are developers just like you, and understand the technology landscape and the issues you face in navigating it on a daily basis. Here is a look back at the top 10 blog posts you frequented in 2013. Part 2 will include 11-20, so stay tuned! 1. How To: Toggle GroupFooter Visibility in C1Report (19140 views) In this blog article, Pragati discuss a common scenario where the user wants to toggle the visibility of the GroupFooter section based on the number of records in the detail section of C1Report. 2. HowTo: Add Comment & Uncomment Button to ActiveReports Designer (11676 views) A step by step guide on how to add a comment or uncomment button to ActiveReports Designer. 3. Transpose C1FlexGrid for Winforms (10136 views) Anupam discusses how you can create custom views by transposing C1FlexGrid for WinForms. 4. Maintain Row Selection on Sorting C1FlexGrid (6974 views) This blog explains an approach to ensure that the selected row is retained when C1FlexGrid is sorted. 5. How to Remove the Nag Screen from your Silverlight and Windows Store Projects (5280 views) Details the one simple step you need to perform if you are experiencing nag screens after you’ve activated your key for Studio for Silverlight or Studio for WinRT XAML. 6. Recap of HTML5.TX conference sponsored by ComponentOne (5115 views) Russ recaps the HTML5.TX conference he attended in February. 7. Modernize WinForms Applications!!! (3631 views) Snehit describes how you can utilize Studio for WinForms to design your Windows apps inline with the Modern UI style. 8. C1FlexGrid:Filter Node Rows with Empty Child Rows (3536 views) This blog explains how one can customize this behavior such that the Node rows with empty children are not displayed after filtering is applied. 9. How To: Deleting Temp Files For C1Upload (3208 views) This blog demonstrates how you can delete the files present in the temp folder after uploading of file is cancelled. 10. Community Choice Award Season is Here! (3039 views) I shared with you that voting was open for the Community Choice awards. That is all for now, I will return later to highlight the additional blogs to complete the top 20 of 2013. Happy New Year!


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