Getting Started with C1Studio's Native WPF Reporting Tool

2016v3 Release adds native Reporting tool for WPF. FlexReport for WPF (Beta) adds capabilities to create reports in WPF, and render them in it's Report Viewer control - the FlexViewerPane (Beta). Here is some information you may want to go through -

1. FlexReport for WPF supports all features as in FlexReport for Winforms except that Chart and Custom Fields (SuperLabel, Map) are not supported in this version. For more information on FlexReport for Winforms, please visit here.

  1. For the first release, we are releasing the FlexViewerPane (Beta) control which renders FlexReport, C1Report and SSRS Documents in it's pane. Full-fledged FlexViewer control would be available in release targeted next year. However, the FlexViewerPane control supports most of basic viewer operations like

  2. Page Navigation

  3. Go to specific page number
  4. Zoom options like Actual Size, Page Width, Whole Page & Zoom numbers
  5. Layout options like Rotate Page, One Page, Facing Pages, Two Pages, Four Pages
  6. Print Layout
  7. Thumbnails
  8. Text Selection
  9. Print
  10. Refresh

  11. You can design FlexReport (.flxr) in (Winforms based) FlexReport Designer App that ships with Studio for WPF.

4. FlexReport for WPF can work in MVVM pattern of WPF Application. The Report Viewer control - FlexViewerPane, supports XAML binding of it's DocumentSource object with FlexReport.

Get Started with FlexReoprt for WPF

1. Create new WPF Application in VS2015.

WPFApplication 2. Drop C1FlexViewerPane on the Designer. 3. Set Display Settings for the viewer - like HorizontalAlignment, VerticalAlignment to Stretch and set the Dimensions of the Viewer. Also, set name of FlexViewer to access it from code behind. FlexViewerPaneName 4. Add reference to C1.WPF.FlexReport. FlexReportDLL 5. Add C1FlexReport file you want to load to the project. FlexReport 6. Add Windows_Loaded event in XAML. 7. Go to code behind. 8. Include namespace for FlexReport. FlexReportNamespace 9. Create object for FlexReport (native WPF). 10. Load FlexReport file in the report object. 11. Bind FlexViewerPane with FlexReport object.

C1FlexReport rpt = new C1FlexReport();  
rpt.Load(@"..\\..\\TelephoneBillReport.flxr", "TelephoneBill");  
flv.DocumentSource = rpt;  

11. Run the project. Here is how your report looks like - TelephoneBillRuntime What do you think about FlexReport for WPF? Drop your comments below. Thanks!

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