Roadmap Update - What’s Planned for 2016

Xuni has three major releases each year and the next one (2016 v2) will be happening on July 13th 2016. Between each major release we also schedule at least one service update that includes bug fixes and minor improvements. Below is a rundown of what you can expect coming soon in Xuni. All planned features are for iOS, Android and the Xamarin Platform unless otherwise noted.

2016 v1.5 Update - May 2016

  • Enhancement – Calendar year view will highlight currently selected month using the selected background color.
  • Enhancement – FlexGrid columns will have a new SortMemberPath property that allows you to sort by a different field than what is displayed in the column.
  • All issues reported by users including a fix for the GetImage method in all controls to support high resolution ‘retina’ screen captures.

Xuni 2016 v2 Major Release - July 2016

  • New input/editor controls
    • Masked Input provides a way to govern what a user is allowed to input. The control prevents users from accidentally entering invalid data and saves time by skipping over literals (such as slashes in dates) as the user types.
    • Drop-down is a customizable dropdown control intended to use as the base for any special drop down control such as a date picker, auto complete box or anything custom a user may need. This will be very useful in Xamarin.Forms as an alternative to dialogs for special user input.
    • Autocomplete is an editable input control that shows completion suggestions automatically while the user is typing. The list of suggestions is displayed in a drop down menu from which the user can choose an item to replace the content of the input editor with. It allows callers to customize the item list as the user types.
  • Calendar enhancements
    • Xuni Calendar will have two new extensibility points on the header including a new HeaderLoading event and HeaderMonthFormat property. Together with the existing custom header sample it will unlock virtually any custom header solution.
    • New decade view in addition to existing month and year views.
  • FlexGrid enhancements
    • The ability to add new rows at the top or bottom of the grid – this classic data grid feature will be available for mobile usage.
    • Multi-line column and row headers will allow you to add unbound headers that will allow you to group columns and show
    • Auto-sizing of columns will have new options to size only headers, only content or both. Currently it auto-sizes everything or nothing.
    • The new GroupHeaderFormat property will allow you to easily customize the text displayed on grouped rows.
    • Native iOS & Xamarin.Forms on iOS Performance increased up to 40% on larger screens and up to 15% faster on iPhone/Pod touch screens.Xamarin.Forms UWP Beta release for all controls.

This is just some of the major highlights to controls. We also plan to improve the development experience with new samples, documentation and package distribution.

Xuni 2016 v3

Beyond v2 we currently have plans for an Excel library, SSRS report viewer and more chart types. This is all subject to change as we value user input above our own ideas. Submit your feedback to us on our forums or by commenting below. Thanks!

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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