Well… I am once again a Senior Developer Evangelist! I am at an exciting company with a great product set, heading up the Developer Evangelism effort. In fact, GrapeCity is the largest component vendor in the world!!! I look forward to engaging with and building the developer community, as I have for several years as a former Microsoft Developer Evangelist, and sharing my knowledge on current technology and an incredible developer set of components! I had my first GrapeCity event this past weekend on 3/19/11 at the Tampa IT Pro Camp held at host KFORCE Headquarters, the first of its kind in the country! Chad Miller and the team of volunteers and speakers did a great job of organizing along with several MVP’s and Microsoft’s TechNet Evangelist Blain Barton. It was great working with Blain again. The event was hugely successful with 114 attendees, 4 tracks and 32 sessions. Click here to see more photos


Russ Fustino, First Photo as GrapeCity Senior Developer Evangelist – 3/19/11 Tampa IT Pro Camp !


Blain Barton, Microsoft TechNet Evangelist, Russ Fustino, GrapeCity – IT Pro Camp – Tampa 3/19/2011


Chad Miller, Raymond James, IT Pro Camp – Tampa Organizer, Blain Barton, Microsoft 3/19/2011

My session was - Making (More) Money with Phone 7. If you missed it, you can see me me do this session at the Orlando Code Camp this coming weekend on March 26. GrapeCity is a sponsor of the event, so may sure you stop by the booth and visit with me and Scott Shorter, GrapeCity Technical Evangelist and check out our tools!

Description: Making (More) Money with Phone 7 – 3:50pm – Orlando Code Camp – March 26, 2011

When you get your app running… and even more so when published… you are most likely feeling pretty good and on cloud 9. It feels great, doesn’t it? Here are a few suggestions to make you feel even better. Of course, more work is needed. Getting your app noticed in marketplace will not happen automatically or optimally by publishing alone. There specific suggestions I will offer up to help the cause. So, grab a deep breath and get ready to settle in and focus on making more money. Make all the time you have invested so far, well worth it. Many of the suggestions are common sense when you think them through, but are a few I found out the hard way and hopefully will save you some pain. The Russ’ ToolShed Network, a Top 20 Phone 7 Developer, series of Shortcut apps will be used to demonstrate the before and after effects of these considerations… with some real world metrics…. The data sample is large enough to support trends and demonstrate cause and effect. Topics include: Marketing Basics, Getting your app noticed in marketplace, globalization, instrumentation, trial strategies, Multilple Categories, free apps, and using the About box to generate sales.