RussCam - Lessons learned at Microsoft TechEd Speaker Idol 2013

In this very special edition of RussCam, we consolidate 4 days worth of presentations from several “Speaker Idol” contestants and most importantly constructive criticism from an esteemed panel of judges. We have a jam packed 15 minute video with over 40 incredible tips like these listed below and more… Listen and Learn! This is a deep dive into presentation skills and is prefect for viewing by anyone who teaches or presents! Enjoy this very education video. We also chat with the winner of the contest and wrap up with some tips of my own. Special thanks to Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell for running this event! Sample of Judges comments…. STEPHEN ROSE: "A little fast in the beginning. You slowed down. That's fine. Poll your audience." BILLY HOLLIS: "I really like your stage presence. You feel professional. Your voice is a little bit soft. Make sure you get that mic to the point that you get the right volume." PAULA JANUSZKIEWICZ: "Very professional. I really enjoyed when you jumped onto the stage and just started talking." DAVID GIARD: "Good pacing. I liked the fact that you presented a problem and wrapped it up at the end." Mark Minasi was also a judge. Find out who won this competition and enjoy this video is brought to you by ComponentOne !!!!! Contestants:

Jeff Fritz

Aidan Finn

Cheryl Hammond

Becky Isserman

Jessica DeVita

John Lowther

Chris Gardner

Patrick Brewer

Karen Lopez

Adnan Hendricks

James Dixon

Darin Sutton

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