Schedule Template Setup

If you already set up the SMTP server in the Server Configuration wizard, you can skip this first part.

SMTP Server Settings

First, we set up the SMTP Server. In the Administrator Dashboard, in the menu to the left, click Configuration, then SMTP Settings and enter information for your server. For more information about these settings, please refer to Configuring Email in the product help. Administrator Dashboard open to the SMTP Settings page with SMTP Host set to, SMTP Port set to 25, Authentication set to Don't use SMTP, Sender name set to ActiveReports Server, and Sender e-mail set to

Administrator Dashboard Settings

In the Administrator Dashboard, administrators maintain templates to use in report scheduling. Report Portal users with Scheduling permissions can use these schedule templates to add scheduling to each report as needed. Three default schedule templates are provided in the product installation.

  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Weekly

As administrator, you can add custom schedule templates using the Administrator Dashboard.

Shared Schedules

In the Administrator Dashboard, select Administration in the menu on the left, then Schedules to display the Shared Schedules screen, then click Add a schedule. The Administrator Dashboard open to the Shared Schedules page with the Add a schedule button highlighted.

Add new shared schedule wizard

For this exercise, we want to run the Sales Person Performance report and export it to PDF format every Sunday at 12 o'clock. We want to attach these PDF files to an email and send them out. To accomplish all of this, we set the following items in the wizard.

Schedule name

Weekly Sales Performance

Schedule description

Weekly schedule for the Sales Person Performance report

Assign permissions

Select the Sales checkbox and clear the Everyone checkbox

Starting on

Start date and time (in this case, set it to 07/01/2016 at 12:00)

Repeat task every

1 week

On days


Result Expires After

14 days


PDF document

Delivery type

Allow user to choose

All three pages of the Add new shared schedule wizard. When you're done, click the Finish button. The schedule template is added and appears in the list like this. The Shared Schedules list showing the new schedule after it's added

Tip: With ActiveReports Server, you can also schedule reports to save in a shared folder on the server for a specified period of time, and email links to the reports. For more information, see Managing Schedules in the product help.

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