Slides and Code for Rocking Webforms with jQuery

Thank you to everyone who attended my webcast today, I apologize for the audio issues at the beginning. Literally three minutes prior to starting, we had to switch from the phone to VOIP, and the last second handoff did not go as smooth as it could have. Live presentations are always exciting. This sample requires VS 2010, and if you want to run the barchart sample, you need SP1 since it uses a SQL CE database. You can change the binding source if you need to. The pages are numbered in the sequence I showed them today, so you can follow along if you're watching the recording. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. I'll update this post with a link to the recording and the Q&A when I get them. You can download the sample project from this link: RockingWebforms The slides are available from this link: MSDN - Rocking Webforms with jQuery The webcast recording is available at Click the Register button, provide your email address, and you can watch the webcast.


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