Speaking at Central Maryland Association of .NET Professionals (CMAP) Tomorrow!

If you’re in the Columbia, MD area, I’m going to be speaking at the CMAP users group meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2012). I’m going to be giving my SignalR talk for the first time, so come on out! http://www.cmap-online.org/Meetings/Details/2012-02-07.aspx Getting Started with SignalR SignalR is an asynchronous signaling library for ASP.NET. It's designed to help you build real-time web applications without a lot of hassle. In the past, developers would have to wire up "real-time" applications as a series of polls to a webserver, waiting for it to receive data back that was useful. This approach usually cost more in bandwidth than we wanted it to. SignalR simplifies this process, and makes it more useful for the ASP.NET developer. In this presentation, Kevin Griffin will guide you through implementing SignalR into your applications, and how you can take advantage of everything it has to offer.


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