I am happy to announce the release of Spread COM 8.0.20! This update fixes a number of reported issues and adds support for Windows 8. The update can be downloaded here: Download This update includes new versions of all the ActiveX and DLL controls, including Unicode builds and 64-bit DLL controls. This is the eleventh service pack release of Spread COM 8 since its original release in November 2008. This update is also the first since version 8.0.9 was released in May 2009 to include new API. This update includes a new enhancement to the DLL controls to support the custom printing features previously available only in the ActiveX controls' OwnerPrintDraw and OwnerPrintPageCount methods. For more information about how to use these new DLL API functions, please see the new help contexts for SSOwnerPrintDraw and SSOwnerPrintPageCount. Here is a complete listing of fixed customer issues in this release:

  • The header text now paints correctly. [99921521]
  • The TypeCustomItemData property now updates correctly when copying a cell. [99923788]
  • Formulas in number type cells that refer to custom cells now calculate correctly. [99923824]
  • Row heights are now set correctly in the Spread Designer. [99924024]
  • Changes made to a file using the Spread Designer are now saved correctly. [99924047]
  • Check box cell images are now updated correctly. [99928524]
  • The SSOwnerPrintDraw function has been added to the DLL. [99931266]
  • Decimal places are now displayed correctly. [99932756]
  • The application no longer stops responding after upgrading to Spread 8.0. [99933048]
  • The Spread Designer now correctly gets or sets the current column. [99933147]
  • The LoadTextFile method now works correctly if the file name is greater than 200 characters. [99933312]
  • Cell spans now work correctly when saving. [99933327]
  • The SSOwnerPrintDraw function has been added to the DLL. [99933337]
  • The TypeComboBoxAutoSearch property now works correctly in Microsoft Internet Explorer. [99934511]

This update is free for all customers who have already purchased a developer license for Spread 8 -- the setup will install and register the new controls in place of the old controls, so all projects should load normally with no changes required. Not a licensed Spread 8 user? Not a problem! You can still download this update, install the free 30 day trial version, and check out the installed samples to see all the great features of Spread 8.