Spread for WPF-Silverlight Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread for WPF-Silverlight! This release features the following enhancements and new APIs: SheetStartIndex Example

  • New GcSpreadSheet.StartSheetIndex property, for getting and setting the sheet index of the left-most sheet tab in the tab strip (equivalent to the LeftSheet property in Spread.NET).

SheetTabColor Example

  • New Worksheet.SheetTabColor property, for getting and setting the color of the sheet tab in the tab strip.

  • New Worksheet.SheetTabThemeColor property, for getting and setting the color of the sheet tab theme in the tab strip. Note: this property is mutually exclusive with SheetTabColor, so whichever you set last will take effect (they cannot be used together).

SetArray Example

  • New Worksheet.SetArray methods, for setting arrays of values to a range of cells in the sheet.

This release also fixes the following customer reported issues:

  • Formulas now calculate correctly after loading SSXML or XLSX [2210].
  • Grouped columns and rows now work correctly when the size of the control is small and the sheet is scrolled [2216].
  • Formulas imported from XLSX now calculate correctly [2217].
  • The "Clear All" and "Clear Formats" buttons in the Spread Designer ribbon bar remove cell spans [2225].
  • The "Unhide" context menu item for the sheet tabs can be used to show hidden sheets in Spread Designer [2230].

Download the update here!


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