Spread.NET 6.0.3506.2006 and 6.0.2006.2008 Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread.NET 6.0.4006.2008 (for .NET 4.0 MVC), 6.0.3506.2008 (for .NET 3.5), and 6.0.2006.2008 (for .NET 2.0)! The update can be downloaded here: Download This update includes new versions of all the Windows Forms and ASP controls, including the MVC Spread control for ASP and FormulaTextBox control for Windows Forms. This is the fourth service pack release of Spread.NET, and the first release of Spread.NET since joining the ComponentOne family of components. Here is a complete listing of fixed issues in this release. Fixed in Spread ASP.NET 6.0.4006.2008, 6.0.3506.2008 and 6.0.2006.2008:

  • ICSharpLib is now internal in the Spread assembly. [99923130]
  • Horizontal scroll bars can now be hidden when using Mozilla FireFox. [99923542]
  • The ClientAutoCalculation property now works correctly in bound sheets. [99924253]
  • Spread now works correctly when editing a cell value if the EnableAjaxCall property is False and the ClientAutoCalculation property is True. [99924255]
  • The RowCount property for the header no longer affects automatic filter settings. [99924404]
  • The Please Wait message can now be shown from the CallBackStart event with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. [99924493]
  • Tabbing to a combo box cell in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 now correctly displays the cell if it is not completely visible. [99924687]
  • The BackColor property now works correctly with Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. [99924938]
  • Navigating to another cell with the mouse or the Tab key now works correctly in an MVC control. [99926431]
  • An extra '&' is no longer appended to a query string with an AJAX callback. [99927844]
  • Placing Spread in an iframe no longer automatically scrolls back to the top of the page in Mozilla FireFox. [99924631]

Fixed in Spread Windows Forms 6.0.3506.2008 and 6.0.2006.2008:

  • Certain Excel-formatted files are now imported correctly. [99920686]
  • Data is now correctly exported to an XML file. [99922455]
  • Custom names are now correctly exported to an Excel-formatted file. [99922881]
  • Certain Excel-formatted files are now imported correctly. [99923868]
  • The OpenExcel method now returns the correct value. [99923937]
  • The RemoveColumns method now works correctly with cell spans. [99924049]
  • The print preview performance has been enhanced. [99924129]
  • Values in new rows now display correctly in combo cells. [99924174]
  • The GetClip and GetClipValue methods now work correctly. [99924334]
  • Headers now print correctly. [99924373]
  • The horizontal scroll bar now works correctly. [99924390]
  • A button click in an edit base cell now works correctly. [99924403]
  • The SwapRange method now works correctly. [99924411]
  • Performance when importing XLSX files that contain many formulas has been improved. [99924457]
  • Clipboard copy and paste of text from previous versions of Spread now works correctly. [99924491]
  • The formula text box now displays the correct values. [99924636]
  • The Ceiling formula function now works correctly. [99925048]
  • Drag and fill in filtered columns now works correctly. [99925083]
  • The TextTipFetch event now works correctly. [99925367]
  • The RepeatRowStart and RepeatRowEnd properties now work correctly when exporting to an Excel-formatted file. [99926520]
  • The ActiveRow property now works correctly when the row count is zero. [99926530]
  • The Error and EditError events now occur correctly when pasting invalid values to the currency cell type. [99926774]
  • Copy and paste of formatted text now uses the correct local culture to parse numbers. [99926997]
  • The SaveTextFileRange method now correctly saves ranges of columns. [99927004]
  • Images are now correctly exported to an XLSX file. [99928090]
  • Events related to data binding no longer occur if the control is not bound. [99928335]


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