Spread.NET 6 Final Service Pack Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread.NET 6.0.4007.2008 (for .NET 4.0 MVC), 6.0.3507.2008 (for .NET 3.5), and 6.0.2007.2008 (for .NET 2.0)!

The update can be downloaded here: Download

This update includes new versions of all the Windows Forms and ASP controls, including the MVC Spread control for ASP and FormulaTextBox control for Windows Forms. This is the fifth service pack release of Spread.NET, and the final release of Spread.NET 6.

Here is a complete listing of fixed customer issues in this release.

Fixed in Spread ASP.NET 6.0.4007.2008, 6.0.3507.2008 and 6.0.2007.2008:

  • CallBackStopped now fires correctly client-side when EnableAjaxCall = false. [99924406]
  • Some Excel files now load correctly. [99925683]
  • Scroll bars can now be hidden in Chrome browser clients. [99925832]
  • Printing a Spread inside a user control now works correctly. [99925935]
  • DateCalendarCellType now works correctly when moving focus. [99926395]
  • Fixed issues with hiding column or row headers in MVC Spread. [99929735]
  • Fixed issues with scrolling in Chrome browser clients. [99930124]
  • Fixed layout issues importing certain charts from Excel files. [99930385]
  • Row heights are now rendering correctly by MVC Spread in Mozilla FireFox brower clients. [99930731]
  • Tab key is now processed correctly by MVC Spread in Mozilla FireFox browser clients. [99930734]
  • Edit mode works correctly in the MVC Spread when used in MVC4. [99930735]
  • The TabStop property now works correctly with navigation actions and the AddKeyMap method. [99930987]
  • Print to PDF now works correctly for certain Excel files. [99931032]
  • Formulas in certain excel files now import correctly. [99931054]
  • Excel files created with Dutch Excel now open correctly. [99931078]
  • Combo box cells work correctly in Internet Explorer 8 browser clients. [99931170]
  • The SetActiveCell method no longer scrolls a page to show Spread in Internet Explorer 8 browser clients. [99932015]

Fixed in Spread Windows Forms 6.0.3507.2008 and 6.0.2007.2008:

  • LineShape constructor added with two points arguments. [99923838]
  • PrintDocument event added for custom print message box support. [99924173]
  • Excel files created with French Excel now open correctly. [99924467]
  • Copy or paste between two different versions of Spread works correctly. [99924491]
  • Copying and pasting cells skips application-defined Tag objects in the cell if not serializable. [99924595]
  • The GetPreferredHeight method returns the correct height for cells spanning columns. [99924971]
  • Setting the row count with spanned cells in the sheet now works correctly. [99929437]
  • Scrolling a sheet with large cell spans now works correctly. [99929749]
  • The GetPreferredRowHeight method now works correctly when the sheet has hidden columns and uses GDI to render text with FarPoint.Win.TextRenderer.dll. [99930096]
  • The ClipboardPaste method now works correctly when there is a default renderer set for the sheet. [99930628]
  • Cell borders imported from Excel files now draw correctly when printed to PDF. [99931154]
  • The SaveXml method now works correctly with many bar code cells. [99931264]
  • Typing a Control key character using Korean IME now works correctly. [99931578]
  • Conditional formatting is now imported correctly when loading an Excel-formatted file. [99931652]
  • Cells with scientific notation are now imported correctly from Excel-formatted files. [99931653]
  • Cloning sheets containing charts now works correctly. [99931776]
  • Shift+Space no longer exits edit mode. [99931868]
  • Printing in color when the default printer preference is black and white now works correctly. [99931910]
  • Print preview now correctly shows "page [n] of [N]" in the print abort dialog. [99931930]
  • Inserting rows in sheets with cell notes now works correctly. [99931995]
  • The IsExcelFile method now correctly returns false for unsupported Excel 95/5.0 files. [99932148]
  • Excel files created with Dutch Excel now open correctly. [99933016]


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