In this article, you will find all of the .NET bugs that were fixed in the first release of Spread Studio V10. To view the release notes, see here: Version 10 Release Notes To download Spread Studio V10, click here: Spread V10 Downloads

Spread for WinForms

  • Missing borders fixed when overflow text is too long.
  • Right-aligned text now overflows to adjacent cells.
  • SetColumnVisible now works in specific situations.
  • Ctrl-X no longer changes the formula reference style.
  • Selecting the corner of the sheet and copying no longer hangs the application.
  • Opening an Excel file from a stream with conditional formatting with formulas no longer throws an exception.
  • Memory usage no longer increases when searching in Spread.
  • TextTipPolicy no longer shows TextTips on Sheet tabs.
  • QR Code no longer disappears after clicking on any cell.
  • Print preview no longer produces an empty page when the frozen column size is greater than the page size.
  • DragFillDataOnly and AllowUndo now work together correctly.
  • INDEX formula now works correctly.
  • Issue with attaching an FpSpread instance to the NameBox control more than once is fixed.
  • The height of the NameBox control can now be resized.
  • The space character is no longer cleared when setting GcDateTimeCellType.PromptChar to a space in the Spread Designer.
  • PrintInfo with Header and Footer format is now fixed after Excel export.
  • The Horizontal and Vertical Scroll tooltip now appears close to the scroll bars.
  • Null reference exception fixed when showing another form during the formulaChanged event.

Spread for ASP.NET

  • Client performance in Internet Explorer 11 has been enhanced.
  • A problem with scrolling in Chrome with Frozen Rows/Columns has been fixed.
  • An issue with Spread working with C1 Tab has been fixed.
  • An issue with XML Serialization from previous versions of Spread has been fixed.