Spread Studio V10 Fixed Bugs

In this article, you will find all of the .NET bugs that were fixed in the first release of Spread Studio V10. To view the release notes, see here: Version 10 Release Notes To download Spread Studio V10, click here: Spread V10 Downloads

Spread for WinForms

  • Missing borders fixed when overflow text is too long.
  • Right-aligned text now overflows to adjacent cells.
  • SetColumnVisible now works in specific situations.
  • Ctrl-X no longer changes the formula reference style.
  • Selecting the corner of the sheet and copying no longer hangs the application.
  • Opening an Excel file from a stream with conditional formatting with formulas no longer throws an exception.
  • Memory usage no longer increases when searching in Spread.
  • TextTipPolicy no longer shows TextTips on Sheet tabs.
  • QR Code no longer disappears after clicking on any cell.
  • Print preview no longer produces an empty page when the frozen column size is greater than the page size.
  • DragFillDataOnly and AllowUndo now work together correctly.
  • INDEX formula now works correctly.
  • Issue with attaching an FpSpread instance to the NameBox control more than once is fixed.
  • The height of the NameBox control can now be resized.
  • The space character is no longer cleared when setting GcDateTimeCellType.PromptChar to a space in the Spread Designer.
  • PrintInfo with Header and Footer format is now fixed after Excel export.
  • The Horizontal and Vertical Scroll tooltip now appears close to the scroll bars.
  • Null reference exception fixed when showing another form during the formulaChanged event.

Spread for ASP.NET

  • Client performance in Internet Explorer 11 has been enhanced.
  • A problem with scrolling in Chrome with Frozen Rows/Columns has been fixed.
  • An issue with Spread working with C1 Tab has been fixed.
  • An issue with XML Serialization from previous versions of Spread has been fixed.


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