Spread Studio V10 SP1 Release

Spread Studio V10 SP1 has now been released. This release adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and fixes many reported issues. Here is a list of the resolved issues: Spread Windows Forms:

  • X-axis labels are now correctly imported or exported. [227346]

  • Clearing the focus indicator now works correctly. [226341]

Spread ASP.NET:

  • Getting the font now works correctly. [230439]

  • Spread no longer loads duplicate script files with MVC. [228660]

  • Performance has been enhanced when editing cells. [224979]

  • Hyperlink cells now work correctly in the last visible column. [224704]

  • Spread now works correctly when the column header contains an ampersand. [224149]

  • The SaveHTML method now works correctly. [220869]

Spread WPF:

  • Formulas are now updated correctly when adding columns. [230048]

You can get more information in the ReadMe: http://sphelp.grapecity.com/WebHelp/SpreadStudio10ReadMe/webframe.html#ReadMe.html. You can get the download here: http://spread.grapecity.com/downloads/.


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